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If you are on a solo trip searching for inner harmony, a backpack expedition with your beasts, or a honeymoon trip with your loved ones, Manali and her mountain ranges will never cease to fascinate you. The mountain city has grown into a walking heart paradise and has cultural jewels unique to this part of the world. And budget-friendly Manali hotels will provide you with a taste of the hospitality that the area is known for and take care of your accommodation.

Here is a list of Manali’s top destinations if you are planning to visit this Himalayan city in Himachal Pradesh:

1. Temple of Hadimba, Manali

This ancient shrine was built by Maharaja Bahadur Singh back in 1553, also known by the names Hidimba Devi Temple and Dhungari Temple. The temple is devoted, as its name indicates, to the Bheema-wife Hidimba Devi. The shrine’s wooden architecture is very different from the many Hindu temples in the region.

Hidimba Devi’s son Ghatotkacha is dedicated to the shrine in the building. The temple is one of Manali’s best places to visit, which is surrounded by dense cedar groves and snow-capped mountains.

2. Manali, Solang Valley

Solang Nala is a mini-valley situated at about 8,400 meters above sea level. You can enjoy your skills on a few skis or go for a snowmobile exploration. It is also a refuge for adventures and sports lovers. When it gets warm, people flock to paralyze and zorb. You can also climb on the cable car and enjoy spectacular Himalayan views.

If you’re searching for snow and sports, winter is the best time to visit while summer months are an ideal time for other sports.

3. Falls of Jogini, Manali.

A fast and lively journey from Manali’s central town is the flowing Jogini Falls waterfall. The waterfall path gives you an insight into the Beas River and the snowcapped peaks of Rohtang. The waterfall is picturesque. Jogini is an important pilgrimage spot as well as the serenity of the environment; you can visit various ancient sanctuaries around the pool.

The early beginning is suggested to spend more time in this picturesque natural location, one of Manali’s most popular places for trekking and picnics.

4. Temple of Manu, Manali

The Temple of Manu was devoted to a former wise man named after him. In the deep valleys and mountain peaks that form a postcard-worthy backdrop is the pagoda-style architecture of the shrine. You have to walk a little to the temple, but all your efforts are worth the views at the top and the spiritual vibes.

5. Gompa Manali, Manali

The Gadhan Thekchokler Gompa generally referred to as the Manali Gompa, is one of the finest sites in Manali due to its decoration and quintessential Tibetan architecture. Constructed in the 1960s by Tibetan refugees, this monastery provides peaceful surroundings and special spiritual vibration.

Some of Manalí Gompa’s main highlights are exquisite walls depicting important Buddhism events in vibrant colors and Pagoda-style roofs. There are stalls in the resort where some souvenirs and handcraft from Tibet can be purchased.

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6. Manali, Bhrigu Lake

Think of the ideal Alpine wilderness and perennial woodland in the vicinity of a quiet body of high altitudes. Well, recently, you have imagined Lake Bhrigu, one of Manali’s best trekking destinations. If you are on a trip because the lake is more than 4000 meters high, you need to be somewhat acclimatized.

Most visitors to this place enjoy the scenery and the panoramic views of the Pir Panjal Range.

7. Manali Hampta Transfer

The Hampta Pass Trek, which has become one of the simple and easy to reach medium-difficulties in the Himalayans, provides a fascinating view of the Kullu Valley and the Lahaul Valley. Another important attraction of the walk is the Chandratal Lake on the way. The Pass is situated at an altitude of over 4000 meters on the Pir Panjal Range, and the route includes splendid water crossings.

Many groups run Hampta Pass trekking tours in Manali, and their costs differ according to the route and number of days.

8. Manali, Nehru Kund.

Nehru Kund is a natural spring situated on the roundabout Manali – Rohtang Pass Highway. The spring is called this because Nehru, the first Indian Prime Minister, visited this spring when he was in Manali and was drinking water.

This is a perfect stop for those going to Rohtang Pass due to the clear waters and the calm Himalayan landscapes. Nehru Kund is of course a great location for photographers and lovers of nature.

9. Manali (Morocco): Arjun Gufa

Near the bustling currents of the Beas River, the Arjun Cave has a legendary past of the Hindu Mahabharata epic. Arjun, who was one of the brothers Pandava, meditated here according to the legend. Arjun Cave is one of Manali’s best locations for a basket picnic, with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

There are also two main attractions in the vicinity of the cave – Kunt Bhayo Lake and Kunti Mata Temple.

10. Manali, Van Vihar

For peaceful moments in the bohemian environment of Manali City, it is highly recommended that you take a short walk through Van Vihar Park. Van Vihar, a public park with lushness and sky-touching deodar trees is one of Manali’s most popular attractions. You can also go on a cruise and ride the man-made lake. Bird watchers will be able, particularly in the morning hours, to discover local species within the park.

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