Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services in the United States, with over 50 live channels and hundreds of movies and TV series. So, how might a fast and safe virtual private network (VPN) be of assistance?

Like many other TV streaming services and VOD providers, Hulu geo-blocks its material, so you are only able to watch it if you live in the United States or one of its regions. If you’ve paid for a membership but can’t use it because you’re traveling or residing outside the United States can be pretty upsetting.

The great information is that you can circumvent Hulu’s (and any other video services) geo-blocking by using a fast and safe VPN. This article will walk you through everything you need to do to enjoy Hulu services outside the US.


1. Use an anonymous proxy tool to unblock Hulu

Use an anonymous proxy tool to hide your actual location from the internet. This tool is a go-between your computer and the internet acting as a middleman and making it appear as if you live in another country, such as the United States. Proxies are quick and cost nothing, making them great geo-block workarounds.

While this may work with proxies using US proxy servers, Hulu always looks for IP addresses linked with proxy software. Hulu is currently unavailable outside the United States. If you’re from the United States, you’ll need to turn off your anonymizer to watch videos on Hulu.

Hulu is quick to discover and ban IP addresses they suspect are from proxies because it is controlled directly by a collection of content partners. Since many of these sites only provide a limited number of IP addresses, you may need to try a few different proxy tools before discovering one that works.


2. A VPN is the most reliable way to unblock Hulu

A solid, safe, fast VPN is the second and most dependable way to unblock Hulu. One of the many advantages of utilizing a fast and secure VPN is circumventing geo-blocking on any website. By hiding your IP address with a US IP address, VPNs unblock Hulu in the same way that proxies do, but VPNs also secure your traffic, protecting your surfing (and streaming) habits from prying ISPs and government agencies.

There are many free VPNs available, just as there are proxies, but you should be careful of how they may benefit from your usage of their services. You will probably pay for your VPN. Premium fast and safe VPN services are likely to have more access points and IP addresses, allowing you to access Hulu from anywhere. Furthermore, you will only use them for a limited period. It is therefore advisable to download a VPN app.


These are the most preferred VPN apps to unblock Hulu outside the US.

Symlex VPN

This VPN has the fastest speed and the most secure connection. There are no prefetching, throttling, or bandwidth limits when using Symlex VPN. You are free to do whatever you want to satisfy your VPN-related needs. Safety and faster performance are guaranteed because you don’t have to sacrifice one to ensure the other.

Furthermore, all of your information is kept private and confidential behind the next encryption facility. If you travel to different restricted parts of the globe, you will need to bypass the internet to accomplish your goals.

Symlex VPN features many servers in various countries, allowing you to connect to any of them. That way, you may watch your favorite shows regardless of where you are. You can bypass geographic restrictions with Symlex VPN. It allows you to gain access to websites, films, live events, and peer-to-peer file sharing, among other things. The server network will ensure that your surfing, streaming, browsing, and gaming are always lightning quick. Download Symlex VPN today to enjoy your favorite Hulu services outside the US.



NordVPN includes its proprietary SmartPlay DNS, enabling it to unblock a wide range of multimedia providers, including Hulu. Consult the NordVPN knowledge and understanding or contact the chat feature for assistance in determining which sites to connect to. NordVPN also supports Netflix in several countries, including the United States, and other streaming providers like Google Play and HBO. Because this is one of the quickest VPNs we’ve tested, you can expect a smooth streaming experience.


Surfshark VPN

Data encryption and an actual zero-logs policy ensure complete online security. Anti-DDoS, ultra-fast playback, dual VPN, and Tor over VPN are just a few of the services offered by the company. You can link up to six gadgets at once with a single subscription.

Surfshark is a fantastic cord-cutting tool that allows you to watch Hulu and other video services from anywhere. You don’t have to agonize about going over your device connection limit if you connect your fast and safe VPN with friends or family. It is the only server in this roundup that permits unlimited simultaneous connections.

It also supports Netflix in the United States and the United Kingdom and Amazon Prime Video and Chromecast, among many other video streaming providers. Users get access to live chat help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no data retention, no logs are kept, and P2P file sharing is allowed. On both the mobile and desktop apps, kill switches are available.


Express VPN

ExpressVPN connections are highly reliable, and the available bandwidth is more than adequate to stream Hulu episodes in high-definition video. It provides a risk-free 1-month money-back guarantee and always has a few Hulu-compatible servers. All year round, live assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every plan from ExpressVPN comes with Media Streamer, a clever DNS proxy software that is activated when you connect to a fast and safe VPN server. You can also use it to unblock Hulu and other online streaming.


Cyber Ghost VPN

Cyber Ghost has recently increased its unblocking operations. It can now unblock a variety of streaming services, including Hulu. The software lets you select a streaming server from a list based on which streaming platforms it can unblock instead of just geography. To unblock Hulu, go to the streaming parts of the apps and pick the optimal servers for Hulu. You’ll also get top-notch security, a no-logs rule, and lightning-fast download speeds for a low charge.


Private Internet Access

It is a service based in the United States. It’s a reliable no-logs VPN with an excellent reputation on Reddit and TrustPilot. Applications are accessible for all standard platforms, so you may use them on whatever device you possess to enjoy online anonymity and independence. You can also download and use the fast and safe VPN on up to ten devices at once.

The fast and safe VPN uses the famous Wire Guard tunneling technique to assure fast connectivity. It also has approximately 10,000 workstations spread over 80 different countries. Hulu, YouTube, and other prominent services are available through computers in 20 US cities. This VPN offers OpenVPN encryption with AES encryption and a kill switch, IP leak prevention, and malware screening. This VPN stands out because you can adjust the encryption strength to suit your needs.

Private VPN is a newcomer with many opportunities for people who aren’t concerned with a tiny number of servers. It competes with the more well-known people regarding unclogging streaming sites. After sending a simple inquiry to the support team, we were capable of restoring Hulu on a couple of servers. We’ve even been able to watch Netflix in every nation we’ve tried it in, including the United States. PrivateVPN doesn’t have as many facilities as most others, but the ones it does have are lightning-fast and won’t have you gazing at a buffering indicator.

PrivateVPN does not make any compromises regarding internet privacy or security. It employs the same high-level encryption as the more established services. Moreover, it keeps no traces of user activity or IP addresses on its servers.



Therefore, it is clear that VPN performs more tasks in unblocking Hulu than proxies. This then calls for a VPN download for those who don’t have it. You will need the VPN app that will satisfy all your needs and give you the flexibility to do other smart stuff.


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